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With our Head Office situated in Nanjing and factory in Nantong, Xuzhou and Hefei, the Ecofarm is one of the leaders in the China Agricultural exporters. We provide crop solutions to the agricultural industry through our products and service.

Ecofarm are committed to continuously offering specialist services encompassing a holistic set of solutions for crop production, and have developed a unique and differentiated portfolio of complementary businesses and solutions. Since its establishment, the business has progressively grown and expanded in many countries .

Ecofarm not only provide products but also after sale service with qualified and well experienced Technical Marketing Specialists (TMS), to give excellent service levels to your sales team, ensure that your staff are at all times well trained and up to standard with the newest technology, crop and market trends.

Ecofarm,Provider of Specialized and complimentary crop solutions to the agricultural industry:

  1. Unique and differentiated crop protection portfolio.
  2. Supportive technology and expertise for accurate recommendations and applications
  3. Professional advise onInsects, Diseases, and Weed Management.
  4. High quality agrochem products.

ECOFARM also offers the widest selection of public health mosquito control products in the industry. Plain and simple. Choice and rotational options matter. It's the foundation for effective long-term mosquito control, for today and into the future.It's more than controlling mosquitoes. It's about having options for managing your budget, public health, environmental impact and results.


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